Feeding the Homeless Christmas morning 2011, Be the change you wish to see in the world!!


Feeding the Homeless Christmas morning, Be the change you wish to see in the world!!

We are so honored to be feeding the Homeless again Christmas morning. Last year we feed over 600 people
Who would like to join us?

We will start cooking the oatmeal at 5.30am Christmas morning and we would love YOUR help with the cooking and getting all the oatmeal in cups and mixing with brown sugar and raisins.
If you rather you can join anytime after that anytime between 5.30am and 8am (the earlier the better) any later might be a little too late because the homeless tend to move away from the streets by 8.30am and we miss the opportunity to share with them.

Seth and I started this tradition 7 years ago, we went to help at the soup kitchens and on our drive down realized that there are so many homeless that do not make it to the kitchens because they find it hard to walk or just don’t have the will power to make it down there, we have found so many people under the bridges, around the parks etc…
Last year the wonderful Archuleta Burnam And her two gorgeous sons collaborate to feed the homeless and we agreed to make it a yearly tradition.

There is nothing so rewarding as greeting them waking up on the cold morning with some warm oatmeal or kitchery or whatever you feel called to bring.

Here are all the ways you can help
You can arrive at Ryan’s Brothers between 5.30am and 8am with your wonderful selves (don’t worry about brining anything) ready to distribute around SD, I will have area for everyone to distribute too.

If you choose you can arrive with a big pot or oatmeal or kitchery cooked and ready to go, or help as we cook. We can always do with help cooking and getting the food into cups.

Love offerings that would help even if you are not available Christmas morning or want to bring something with you
• Plastic spoons, napkins,
• Raisins
• Brown Sugar
• Oatmeal
• A dish or something that you feel you would like to share (sandwiches, fruit, etc..)
• Some boxes for all the cups to go in the cars
• Dog Food
• Coats, shoes, Blankets, socks
• (if you are not available Christmas morning feel free to drop anything by before then
• Donate an offering of cash for the purchase of the items

Please let us know if you are coming and around about what time and what you will bring
Please do not feel like you need to bring anything even just showing up and being part of this is the gift

We will meet at Ryan’s Brothers Coffee shop
Ryan’s Brothers very kindly have offered for us to use their wonderful space with a large kitchen second year running
1894 Main Street
San Diego, CA 92113-2128
(This is in the Logan heights area, it is the exit before the Coronado bridge if you are heading South on the 5)

Here is a link to the map

My phone number is 858-736-7241
Please feel free to send this to anyone that you feel may be interested the more the merrier

Please feel free to call or email me with any questions
Hope to see you
Lots of love

Here is a wonderful video

Much love and blessings to you all
Seth and Amanda


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