Feng Shui Affirmations


Intentional Feng Shui Affirmations

 Affirmations for your home. In intentional Feng Shui each direction and area of your home is related with an area of your life. I suggest writing affirmations that get placed in each of the directions of your home. Affirmation are to be written in present tense and positive. Affirmations like writing a letter straight to the universe for you to open fully into receiving and experiencing. They are also a wonderful opportunity for you to become clear on what you want in life, you are planting seeds.

The affirmations can be anywhere from 2 lines to 2 pages however much you feel like writing, they can be expanded and evolved at anytime.

The affirmations get placed in the specific area of your home they do not need to be seen they may get placed in a drawer or under something. Just writing them you are making it clear to the universe what you are ready to fully open up to in your life. What you will accept and know that you deserve in your life. I suggest writing them knowing they are done and then detaching and trusting in the divine process of life and know that what manifests will be for your highest good and the highest good of all. Your affirmations are private and so not need to be shared with everyone that enters your home, give the seeds a chance to root deeply, get strong first before sharing too much.

Affirmations for South How you share your light with the world, Reputation & Fame and Recognition

  • I  am respected, admired and appreciated for the work that I do.  My clients and I have wonderful relationships And for this I am truly grateful.
  • I am recognized for my skills, talents, and accomplishments.    And for this I am truly grateful.
  • I am acknowledged by other for being a loving and caring wife/husband.  And for this I am truly grateful.
  • I am grateful I share my light, gifts, talents and passion with the world and earn an abundant living doing so.

I am radiant, magnificent, brilliant, successful, blissful, peaceful, worthy.

I love myself and am truly grateful for al that is.

Affirmation for Southwest Love Relationships & Partnerships and Self love

  • I experience happy, healthy, loving relationships.  My perfect partner is kind, patient, loving….. you are the perfect partner for me.
  • My partner and I are experiencing a deeply loving and mutually respectful relationship, filled with good communication, passion and joy
  • I accept that which I choose to experience in my life, which is having the perfect romantic partner. He/she is loving, playful, passionate, respectful and loyal.  My love partner and I are connected in our minds, hearts, and spirits.
  • I attract only loving, healthy relationships into my life….all my relationships are healthy, healed and whole and I now experience an abundance of love within my life”.
  • I accept that which I choose to experience in my life, which is having a healthy, balanced, profitable business relationship with my partner.
  • I am a radiant being filled with light and love.
    * I love and accept myself exactly as I am.
    * I now express love to all those I meet.
    * Divine love is working through me now.
    * Love radiates from me at all times.
    * I love myself completely.
    * As I give love, I am instantly supplied with more.
    * I radiate love to all persons and places and things.
    * People are just waiting to love me, and I allow them.
    * I breathe in universal love.
    * I attract loving, beautiful people into my life.
    * I always deserve love.
    * I am attracting loving relationships into my life.
    * I project love to everyone I meet.
    * I love and approve of myself.

Finish with:

  • I trust that my perfect partner comes to me in a balanced and  harmonious manner, for my highest good and the highest good of  all concerned.  And for this I am truly grateful.
  •  I am truly grateful for the loving relationship


  •   I am grateful for the business relationship that is trusting, successful, abundant and a joy to be united with .

Affirmations for the West Children & Creativity and fertility and New Beginnings

New Beginnings

  • I welcome new beginnings and trust in the divine process of life


  • I see my child(ren) living their lives to their fullest potential, being healthy, creative, and expressing their natural talents and skills.  And for this I am truly grateful.


  • I allow new beginnings in my life.
  • I am fertile
  • I trust my body.
  • My body knows how to conceive a healthy baby.
  • I surrender to the power of nature as I celebrate a new cycle of birth within myself
  • I accept the gift of life within myself
  • My life is a blessing.
  • I love myself.
  • My body is a fertile place worthy for conception.
  • My womb is a health place that will nourish my baby.
  • My Eggs are healthy and developing perfectly.
  • I have the ability to heal myself.
  • I am safe and I am loved.
  • I support and love my husband/partner through our fertility journey.
  • I am supported in life
  • I choose a healthy life style that enhances my fertility.
  • I design my own destiny.
  • The most perfect egg is preparing to be released by my ovary and the most perfect sperm is preparing to fertilize it.
  • I visualize a bright white light cleansing away all my fears and negative thoughts.
  • I see myself having a child and experiencing the joys of motherhood.  And for this I am truly grateful.


  • I see myself easily expressing my creativity in many ways.  And for this I am truly grateful.
  • I see myself opening to experience my creative energies in new and exciting ways.  And for this I am truly grateful.
  • I trust that I am a creative being and I allow the divine process to work through me
  • An endless reservoir of creativity lies within me.
  • Being creative is one of my great joys in life.
  • Being creative makes me feel so alive and I honor it daily
  • Brilliant ideas come through me and to me all the time.
  • Creative energy flows through me at all times.
  • Creative inspiration follows me
  • Creativity flows through every cell in my body.
  • Divine inspiration blesses every day of my life.
  • Every creative thought I express provides me with great joy.
  • Every day I become more creative and inventive.
  • Every day I let my imagination soar to new heights.
  • Every moment of every day I am becoming more and more inventive.
  • Everything I create is inventive and unique.
  • I allow my creative energy to flow freely at all times.
  • I am a brilliant and successful artist.
  • I am a magnet for innovative ideas.
  • I am a naturally artistic individual.
  • I am a powerful and resourceful creator.

Affirmations for Northwest , Journeying through life, Helpful People & Travel

  • I accept that which I choose to experience in my life, which is having an abundance of Helpful People to help me whenever the need arises.  And for this I am truly grateful.
  • I have an abundance of supported people in my life
  • The right people come to me at the right time to help me get to my next step in an easy graceful and jouyful manner
  • I am divinely guided by my guides and Angels
  • I am full connected to my highself and have guidance and follow my intuition in every moment of my life


  • I gracefully travel as I choose, and live the life of my dreams.
  • I have the means to travel abroad whenever I choose
  • I  happily travel where I choose and have unlimited resources to do so
  • I consciously embark on an amazing sentient journey.
  • I am blissful as I travel and explore the planet
  • I travel safely and in the style I choose to every exciting destination.
  •  I see myself traveling to ________ and enjoying myself completely.  And for this I am truly grateful.

Affirmation for North / Career and life’s Journey

  • I am using my unique skills and gifts to work in my perfect career to be of service, joy and abundance
  • I now have clarity and excitement about my fulfilling career path as I am passionate about helping others live the life they deserve while earning an abundance while doing so.
  • I always have good honest and supportive relationships with my co-workers, bosses, employees
  • I have excellent relationships with everyone who works for me.
  • I have excellent relationships with everyone who works with me.
  • I attract all the right clients, students, and employees for an abundant, fulfilling, rewarding and successful career
  • I am confident that I earn a wonderful living doing work and service that is important to me using my skills and talents that I am grateful for
  • I accept that which I choose to experience in my life, which is advancing in my career/job.
  • I am grateful that I am attracting the perfect opportunities and circumstances to have the career/job that I love and that is financially rewarding.

I trust in the journey of lie, everything happens exactly as it is meant too.

I trust that the opportunities for success are coming to me in a balanced and harmonious manner, for my highest good and the highest good of all concerned.  And for this I am truly grateful.

 Affirmations for Northeast Knowledge & Self-cultivation, Intuition, Inner knowing


  • I am intuitive.
  • I am alive in the now.
  • I am connected to my own inner vision.
  • I am listening to my intuitive self.
  • I trust and follow my intuition
  • I am connected to my true path and purpose.
  • I am true to myself.
  • I am seeing the possibilities and bringing them into my reality.
  • I am clear.
  • I follow my own intuition.
  • I always listening to my  intuition before I make a decisions
  • I AM completely in tune with the “I AM” presence of the Divine within me.
  • I trust my intuition with a deep sense of security.
  • I follow my intuition where it leads and I always find gifts that evolve my soul
  • I see myself constantly learning, which is easy and enjoyable.  And for this I am truly grateful.
  • I see myself continually growing in greater self-awareness and expanding my consciousness.  And for this I am truly grateful.
  • I have an abundance of time and abundance to learn and expand in all the ways I choose
  • I trust my intuition and follow spirit without hesitation
  • I am mastering new skills that bring me confidence, fulfillment and joy
  • Every day I am realizing new abilities and talents.
  • I have time, space and the finances to feed my mind with new ideas and understanding.
  • Everything I read brings me new and wonderful insights.

Affirmations for East Family and Community

  • I am blessed with a beautiful well balanced family
  • I nurture and am nurtured with wonderful family and friends with love and kindness, patience and goodwill.
  • I have a happy, extended family filled with health, respect and love
  • My family is healthy, happy, safe and full of love!
  • I am a source of love and inspiration for my family and friends as they are for me.
  • My family and friends are a beautiful reflection of the Divines love.
  • I accept that which I choose to experience in my life, which is      perfect health in mind, body and spirit for myself.  I see my family healthy and happy.  And for this I am truly grateful.
  • I accept that which I choose to experience in my life, which is a happy, harmonious, healthy relationship with my family.  And for this I am truly grateful.
  • I know that I am experiencing greater health in all areas of my life in a balanced and harmonious manner for my highest good.  And for this I am truly grateful.
  • I am grateful for my loving community of like minded souls. I feel supported, connected and loved.

Affirmations for Southeast  Wealth & Abundance

•      I accept that which I choose to experience in my life, which is wealth, prosperity and an abundance of every good thing.  I now see myself having financial security.  I see myself in a position to help and be of service to others.

I am grateful and blessed for all the wealth that flows to me and allows me to live such an incredible life of bliss and freedom

•      Wealth enables me to more fully express my creative potential

•      Expressing my creativity allows me to be wealthy

•      Money and prosperity help me to help others

•      I am willing to receive money for my pleasure

•      I am willing to allow my life to be fun and easy

•      I am a trust fund baby of the universe

•      I am a magnet to money

Money is attracted to me just as naturally as a bee to honey.”

I am one with the Power that created me and my abundance is a reflection of that

I am totally open and receptive to the abundant flow of prosperity that the Universe offers

I love to witness others abundance and knowing and trusting there is plenty for us all.

Affirmations for Center
Unity, Health and Well Being

  •  I accept that which I choose to experience in my life, which is balance and harmony in all areas of my life, including my perfect health, mentally, physically, and spiritually.  And for this I am truly grateful.
  • I see everyone getting along with each other, being happy and productive.  And for this I am truly grateful.
  • * I am perfectly healthy in body, mind and spirit.
    * I am well, I am whole, and I am strong and healthy.
    * I am healthy, and full of energy and vitality.
    * All the cells of my body are daily bathed in the perfection of my divine being.
    * I am healthy, happy and radiant.
    * I radiate good health.
    * My body is a safe and pleasurable place for me to be.
    * My sleep is relaxed and refreshing.
    * I have all the energy I need to accomplish my goals and to fulfill my desires.






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