Feng Shui for living your Bliss


Share unconditional love


Connect with nature

Learn to forgive

Trust your intuition.

Take care of your body

Release negative emotions

Learn from others and past experiences

Have some quiet time each day

Do what you love

Be of Service

reduce your attachment to possessions.

focus only on the present.

Think positive thoughts.

Visualize daily.

Choose your friends wisely.


Create energy flow: Enter into your home and ask yourself the following questions

What gets in your way?

Are any areas blocked off from you?

Are you able to open all the doors fully?

Are there large piles of clutter?

One of the most important principals of Feng Shui is clearing clutter

One of the most important things you can do for your finances is simply to clean up. Throwing out junk and getting rid of things like excess paper, empty boxes, and broken items can go a long way toward energizing your home for prosperity.  In particular, de-clutter your SE corner of your home, of your living room, and of your bedroom.  This is the wealth sector and if it has piles of junk, then financial chi can’t circulate.

This includes, Your car, purse, garage, computer inbox, desk top


  • Clean you’re Front Door.
  • Replace Burned Out Light Bulbs.
    Clean you’re Windows.
  • Remove Dead Plants
  • Repair Broken Mirrors
    Tighten Lose Door Knobs and Handles.


Feng Shui for Love and the bedroom

  • Remove clutter Eliminate the old to bring in the new.
  • No TV or Exercise Equipment!
  • Always have things in pairs
  • Check the statues and art in your home
  • Bed placement
  • Soothing Colors – Colors on your walls, bedding and window treatments can help create serenity in your home. Switch to light green, blue, lavender, peach, pink or neutral tones for peaceful energy.
  • Full spectrum lighting is the best lighting to have especially in the office.
  • Water features are great for creating a relaxing atmosphere, this year they should be placed in the east.
  • Plants: Greenery is always a welcome sight. Have as many plants as you possibly can in your home. Ensure however that they look healthy. Cactus and dried flowers are not recommended.
  • Sound: Play relaxing music
  • Photos: Have many happy images of your family throughout the house, especially in the kitchen/dining, family room.
  • Art Work: Have art work that you love and things that inspire you, it is very useful because they are going into the subconscious all day.
  • Remove Energy Stimulants – You’ll want to avoid gadgets, big and small, that send out powerful electromagnetic energy causing many sleep and health issues.


Create A Sleep Ritual – There are many different types of rituals that will help your body wind down for a harmonious night’s sleep. You may want to spend a couple minutes writing your worries down or anything you must remember for the next day so your mind can let go of the anxiety. Other suggestions include drinking herbal tea, meditating, doing gentle yoga, taking a walk, writing in a gratitude journal or taking a warm bath.


For a Childs bedroom


A mirror at the foot of anyone’s bed is not advisable, but it is especially important for a child.


Bunk beds are not advisable for children.


Try not to have heavy furniture in the bedroom, or bookcases or shelves that seem to take over the room. Less is more in a child’s room if possible.


Be careful of what is hanging from the ceiling in the center of a child’s room.


De clutter the child’s bedroom as much as possible


Improve the health of your child by placing live green plants in the bedroom.


As I follow my bliss, my bliss starts chasing me!

Today and every day my bliss is my compass for success and happiness.

I do what I love and find my bliss. I keep doing what I love and I live my bliss. I give myself completely to what I love and I become my bliss!

Bliss builds in my world today with every conscious decision I make!

Today I find my bliss in the sweet spot where my talents and my passion merge.

I am a bliss magnet!

I follow my bliss! I experience my bliss! I become my bliss!   (858) 736-7241

Feng Shui for living your Bliss





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