Feng Shui for Spa’s and Salons by Amanda Collins from the International Feng Shui School



Feng Shui, an art and science developed more than 5,000 years ago in China, creates joy, harmony, health and abundance in everyday life and in human spaces. In order to bring balance into such spaces, we analyze the arrangement of buildings, rooms and furniture to determine the ways in which those arrangements affect body, mind and spirit. Feng Shui balances each environment with the five elements water, wood, fire, metal and earth, offering an invitation to connect with the natural elements.

In Classical Feng Shui we also explore geographic directions and locations, time and function. We work with color to enhance good energy and neutralize unproductive energy, tuning those energies to the rhythms of the earth and the universe.

When you walk into a spa that has good Feng Shui, you feel as if you have arrived at a home away from home. You feel safely embraced by a place in which you can let go and unwind—peaceful, present. You move into the parasympathetic nervous system that allows body and mind to relax.

In the more than fifteen years that I have been practicing Feng Shui, I have seen the need people have to live in an environment that supports their thriving and the powerful effects Feng Shui can have on their lives.

Spas and salons all over the globe have reported that their use of Feng Shui principles has increased sales and profits, attracted more customers, improved customer loyalty, while creating a more harmonious atmosphere, reducing stress and lowering conflict levels. An environment balanced by Feng Shui motivates staff, improves co-operation and commitment, lowers staff turnover and absenteeism, increases teamwork, raises productivity, and improves public relations.

When bringing Feng Shui into your salon or spa, honor the natural elements. The sounds of water can be so calming, but make sure the water is flowing towards the center of the building. Plants with soft rounded leaves bring the element of wood and improve air quality. Crystals or river rocks add the earth element of grounding and centering. For fire, light natural soy candles with scents of lavender, citrus or peppermint essential oils for relaxation and renewal. Present the element of metal in statues or accessories for clarity and elegance.

The front entrance should be open and welcoming, a beautiful space, like a smiling face, welcoming clients. The reception area should be off to the side and all five senses honored, with healthy refreshments, inviting textures and neutral music. Soft images in art works, earth tones of tans and browns or greens— with few energizing reds and oranges— will all sooth and encourage relaxation.





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