Feng Shui for the Nursery


Babies can benefit just as much from Feng Shui as adults—if not more!  If you’re adding a new member to your household, it’s best to create an environment that is warm, nurturing and welcoming.  Transitions are always a bit of a challenge.

Soothing Sounds.  Every baby develops while listening to the sound of his or her mother’s heartbeat.  Be sure to introduce a soothing, steady sound into your child’s sleeping environment to provide continuity.  A ticking clock, or a recording of ocean waves are all good options.  You can get a sound spa at bed, bath and beyond.

Soft Surfaces.   A cushioned rocking chair and well-padded changing table will slow down the energy in the room, shielding baby from jarring noises and sudden movements.

Pleasing Scents.  Babies have a very strong sense of smell.  One of the best ways to make a child’s bassinet or crib a comforting space is to add a dishtowel that the primary caretaker has slept with for about a week.  The scent of the fabric will make it easier for the child to relax and enjoy a peaceful slumber.

Keep Visuals Simple.  Endeavor not to bombard a small child with lots of visuals.  Hanging a mobile over the bed may be too stimulating; it’s better to position such a toy over the changing table.  Paint the room a mellow earth tone to give the nursery an air of stability. Honey, pumpkin, cocoa or dusty rose are all good choices because they are warm and nurturing.  Black and white colors are great for newborns and up to 3 months.

Adapt to Your Child’s Needs.  Pay attention to your child’s personality when making adjustments to your nursery.  A baby that is easily stimulated can draw comfort from a square picture displayed over their crib.  A child that always wants to be held may benefit from a circular shape.  If your infant has a hard time sleeping, display a wavy pattern over his/her crib.  A baby who cries a lot can find comfort from the color green.
Choose the Optimal Crib Placement.  Positioning your baby’s crib so that the child has a clear view of the door will promote good sleep habits.
Pick the Right Bedding.  A fussy baby will benefit from sheets and blankets that are solid, yin colors like blue while an infant who sleeps well may be entranced by sheets that feature a small, repetitive pattern and organic is best.

Create a Nurturing Seating Arrangement.  Place a special chair where the child can be held or cuddled in the nursery.  The ideal spot for this chair is the far right corner, which governs loving relationships.

Childs room is above the garage. If the child’s room is positions directly above the garage and  slightly positioned outside the home the child may feel a little left out and this can lead to behavioral problems. If there are cars coming in and out all the time the fumes are not good for the health of the child.

The first suggestion is change the child’s bedroom to somewhere closers to the parents master bedroom and move the playroom of home office to this room instead. If there are no other options make sure the room has the necessary remedies in place, add earth for grounding for the child and make sure they is a lovely family picture for the child to see across from the bed to really feel like part of the family.

Note:  Remove as much electrical out of the nursery in order to have as little EMF’s as possible (see section on this later).

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