Feng Shui for the Perfect Wedding Day


Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life so it is important to have everything in harmony and balance. By bringing in Feng Shui we can engage all of the 5 senses in the following ways:

Look: Colors, Decorations & their placement
Feel: Perform Energy Clearing on the space so it feels light and airy
Sound: Music
Smell: Aromatherapy via candles, flowers, oils, etc.
Taste: Food, cake, beverages

1. Lucky Wedding Dates
2. The Wedding Dress
3. Table shapes for the Reception
4. Symbols for Harmony
5. Cake
6. Plants
7. Weddings Colors
8. Honoring the Five Elements
9. Lighting
10. Invite Mother Earth
11. Vows
12. The layout of the bagua

Calculating Your Personal Trigram/ Pa Kua
Calculating the elements and best directions for the bride and Groom to stand while getting married and to sit in the reception area
Calculating the Male Trigram

1. Subtract 1 from the birth year if born before 2/4 or 2/5

2. Add ALL of the digits of your birth year until it reduces to a single number.

3. Subtract this single number from 11. The result is your Gua number.

4. If the result is 5, the gua becomes 2.

(i.e., a man born on 1/23/1978 would use 1977 – see rule #1, 1+9+7+7=24, 2+4=6, 11-6=5,
5 becomes 2
(i.e., a man born on 5/23/1978, 1+9+7+8=25, 2+5=7, 11-7=4

Calculating the Female Trigram

1. Same as above

2. Same as above

3. Add 4 to this single number. The result is your Gua number.

4. If the result is 5, the gua becomes 8.

(i.e., a woman born on 1/23/1978 would use 1977, 1+9+7+7=24, 2+4=6, 6+4=10, 1+0=1)
(i.e., a woman born on 5/23/1978, 1+9+7+8=25, 2+5=7, 7+4=11, 1+1=2)
(i.e., a girl born on 5/2/2003, 2+3=5, 5 becomes 8)

The Chinese Year Number is calculated the same as the Male Trigram:

2009 = 2 + 9 = 11, 1 + 1 = 2, 11 – 2 = 9
2010 = 2 + 1 = 3, 11 – 3 = 8
1977 = 1 + 9 +7 + 7 = 24, 2 + 4 = 6, 11 – 6 = 5 (does NOT become an 8)

After working out your Feng Shui number (Pa Kua number) See below to see what your Feng Shui Element is

#1 Is water
#2 Earth
#3 Wood
#4 Wood
#5 Earth
#6 Metal
#7 Metal
#8 Earth
#9 Fire

Water’s color: black, indigo or dark blue
Water’s shape: wavy and curvy patterns
Water material: metal fountains, aquariums and pools

Wood’s color: Green (the color is not as affective the element
Wood’s shape: Rectangular, columns, patterns vertical or horizontal
Wood material: Trees, plants and fresh flowers

Fire’s color: Reddish like a flame, reds and purples, burgundy, cranberry
Fire’s shapes: Triangles, pyramids and tall pointed shapes
Fire material: Candle, the color red, full spectrum lighting, candles, lamps and night-light

Earth’s colors: Terra-cotta, yellow, browns and beiges
Earth’s shape: Square, low objects associated with the feeling of stability
Earth’s material: Large scale furnishings, sand, clay, ceramics, marble, granite,
river rocks, crystals, adobe brick and stucco

Metal’s color: White, gold, silver, copper, reflective colors and pastels
Metal’s shape: Oval, arches and round as when metal contracts
Metal objects or material: Rod iron, steel and copper any objects made of metal
Metal’s texture: Smooth, as are the surfaces of metal when formed or heated

The 5 elemental Cycles

The creative cycle is one of harmony and generation. It represents a positive, nurturing transformation from one phase of chi energy to another. Burning Wood produces fire  Fire leaves behind Earth  Earth is the source of Metal  Metal liquefies into a substance flowing like water, Metal creates water with condensation  Water helps wood thrive.

Destructive Cycle extinguishes fire  Fire melts metal  Metal pierces wood  Wood draws from the earth  Earth blocks the water
The Reductive Cycle Wood absorbs water into its roots to allow the plant to grow  Water corrodes the metal, turning it to rust  Metal weakens the earth by using the earth’s energy to sustain an environment to allow it to form  Earth reduces fire  Fire reduces wood by burning it to ashes. The Reductive Cycle is used to weaken the dominating element without having to destroy it completely, unlike the destructive cycle.
For example: If your Feng Shui element (Pa Kua Number) is #3 or # 4 Wood, Bringing the wood and or water colors and elements will feed and support you. Bringing the colors of Greens and blues, adding plants or a small water feature.
A #6 or #7 metal person would not be recommended to add too much fire colors this would weaken their element

Lucky Wedding Dates
• Choose a date that ends in 8 or 9, or which adds up to 8, such as the 17th. 8 is an excellent number for love while 9 suggests a love which lasts forever and brings completion.
• Avoid wedding dates within Mercury Retrograde*; instead, focus on a date near a New Moon. * This happens three to four times per year, when the planet Mercury slows down, and appears to stop (station) and move backward (retrograde). It’s an optical illusion, since there is always forward movement, like speeding by a slow-moving train — as it recedes, it appears to go backward. Since Mercury rules communication and travel, it’s said that everything goes haywire in that area. And it seems that miscommunications abound, travel and delivery is delayed during the retrograde period.
• Consider all astrological components (dates, new moons, etc) to create a harmonious day.
Wedding Dress Color
• Off-white, cream, ivory, or even pearly shades are luckier and more energizing than plain white, which can be too stark.
• Even better, include a tiny splash of red somewhere. Incorporate bride’s bagua color in scheme, including bridesmaid’s outfits, décor, etc., NOTE: If bride is Metal, do NOT use red or use it absolutely minimally as Fire melts metal.
• It’s okay to borrow a wedding dress IF the previous bride who used the dress is having a good marriage. However, it is NOT recommended to rent a wedding dress, as you do not know if the people who used it before you had lasting marriages or not. If you must, than energetically clear it before wearing it.
• Make sure that you get the dress that YOU love and not just because someone else thought it would work for you. Remember this day is all about YOU, the bride!
• Dangers lurk when it comes to ‘something borrowed, something blue’
• Most brides follow tradition and wear ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.’ Feng Shui says it’s important to receive these items from happily-married people, because each item transfers marriage chi, or marriage energy to You.
• If you’re not sure about the energy of the item you can always clear it with sage or bells beforehand.
Table Shapes for Reception
• Use round, oval or octagonal tables to encourage harmony. Square or rectangular tables deepen conflict so avoid seating guests who dislike each other on opposite sides of these tables.
• With regards to table seating assignments – Perhaps let guests seat themselves; Open seating lets guests intuitively go to the tables/groups that feel best for them (and will help encourage a harmonious event).

Symbols of Harmony
• Infuse the ceremony/reception space with loving & happy intentions for the new couple with symbolic items (some of these could be hidden).
• Releasing doves or butterflies are symbols of peace, harmony and eternal love ~ near the wedding couple is fabulous.
• Sculptures on your wedding cake, jeweled butterflies on your veil, and crystals are all beautiful. NOTE: However, Do not use crystals that are too pointy.
• Crystal dinnerware and chandeliers are cures for Luck, because they reflect light.
• Try adding crystals on your dress, veil or shoes. Crystal beading also looks exotic as do dainty tea-lights on tables! Rose quartz is good for love, or use the best stone based on the bride’s date of birth.
The Cake
• Tall cakes are ideal for outdoor Weddings as they symbolize tree energy and marital growth. However, avoid having a tall cake in a room with low ceilings or your optimism may be stifled.
• Three is the Feng Shui number of love so a three tiered wedding cake is thought to be the most desirable.
• Round or square cakes instill a marriage with a surge of energy and excitement whereas rectangular cakes start a marriage in a quite more romantic mood.
• If possible the color of the cake should blend with the colors of your reception room and the brides dress/bridal party colors. An exception is white, which harmonizes with everything and can be decorated with beautiful sugar craftwork to bring love and harmony to your future lives together.
• Stay away from artificial or dried flowers, as they symbolize decay or lifelessness. No cactus or thorny plants or flowers. (Refer to the Meaning of Flowers list below).
• Fill up the space with living plants, and fresh flowers. This will encourage good energy flow and give you a sense of balance and calmness. Some of the Best flowers for marriage are: Roses, Lotus & Orchids.
• Round-leafed plants encourage good energy and bring good fortune. Jade plants or money trees are particularly auspicious.
• Put a Money tree and Bamboo in the Southeast for good luck and prosperity.

Meaning of Flowers (I will email a complete list of all flowers and gem meanings after the class)
Roses Pink = Perfect Happiness, Red = Love (Remove thorns), Red & White together = Unity Belles of Ireland = Good Luck Calla Lily = Magnificent Beauty Chrysanthemum (Red) = Love Clover (4-leaf) = Be Mine
Wedding Colors

• When it comes to selecting colors for a wedding, it is important to consider the colors that are being paired. Many times, colors are chosen that are opposing according to Feng Shui. For instance, blue and yellow are often combined. This is a clash between Earth (yellow) and Water (blue) elements since earth dams water. Pairing opposing colors could create opposition from the start. Try to use the creative cycle when possible.
• A traditional color pairing is the use of black and white. Black is yin (female) and white is yang (male). This is why, when a man wears a black tux, his male energy is harmonized with the female color, and when the bride wears white, her female energy is balanced with male energy.

Some other complimentary color pairs are:

Reds and Gold (ochre)/yellow/beige = Harmony and prosperity, good luck and happiness
Black and White = male and female, harmony, metal (abundance) + water (money) = flow
Green and Purple (can be lavenders or light purple) = Growth, longevity and wealth, great abundance
Metal colors = Creativity/children
Yellow and White = Heaven and earth
Green and Blue = Growth and wealth
Red and Green = Happiness, luck and success
Black and Green = Wealth, growth and longevity
Gold/Silver & Purple = Great Wealth
Purple & White = Harmony of yin and yang
Purple & Black = Career and financial success

Color combinations that create Good Luck:
A Yang color (i.e. red) with its Yin version (i.e. pink) is always good Red and Green are great for Christmas weddings = Wood creating Fire Red and Yellow (ochre) is the perfect FS pairing for harmony = Fire creating Earth Yellow/Brown with Metallic colors (white, silver, gray, gold) = Earth creating Metal Metallic colors with Blues (white, silver, gray, gold) = Metal creating Water Blues and Greens are perfect together for prosperity, growth, good health = Water feeding Wood
Color combinations that create Bad Luck
• Greens and Metallic colors (white, silver, gray, gold) = Metal cuts Wood Green and Yellow = Plants (wood) takes from Earth Yellow and Blue = Earth dams Water Blue or Black and Red = Water douses Fire Red and Metallic colors are unfortunate when they’re paired with red = Fire melts metal

Guidelines for color selection:
1. Use couple’s Bagua #’s and related element, noting Bride’s color always trumps the groom. The day is about the bride.
2. Incorporate the Season of the Year
3. Utilize CREATIVE cycle of elements
Honoring the 5 Elements/ Laying out the Bagua

• In addition to supporting and feeding the Brides’ element (based on her Pa Kua #) it is equally important to make sure that all the five elements have been brought in to the ceremony/reception ~ Water (fountains – chocolate works too!), Wood (flowers & plants), Fire (candles & lighting), Earth (rose quartz & crystals) and Metal (round tables).
• Have a water fountain at the door as you enter the reception room.
• The far right hand corner (when standing at the doorway looking in) should have symbols of love….a pair of mandarin ducks, some rose quartz for love…
• The far left-hand corner should have a money tree.
• (See Bagua Floor Plan for Weddings for additional suggestions)
• This is one of the most important components to your wedding!
• Make sure all the songs are about love and romance and being together and happy. There might be songs in the past that you love, however, if you actually listen to the words being sung they can say something very different than your true feelings on that special day. (ie. Al Greens “Love and Happiness” song is actually about finding his wife is cheating on him…Conversely Bob Marleys “No woman no cry” is actually saying don’t cry I will be back…)
• Find a DJ or Band who listens and is conscientious of your requests for the music you want played that day.
• Have friends/family infuse the music with loving intent by singing or playing an instrument during the event.
• Record the music from your “day-of-days” to play in later years, on anniversaries or special moments. Imagine listening to your bridal waltz 20 years later, with your children!
Correct Lighting
• Create a romantic ambience with Candles
• Have chandlers with crystals to bring in even better chi
• Soft lighting with No florescent if possible
• For daytime weddings try to use as much natural light as possible by having windows & doors open to the outside.
Invite Mother Earth
• Hold your ceremony at a beach, garden or park. Everyone relaxes, there’s harmony in the air and you save enough for a hefty house deposit or honeymoon splurge.
• Writing your own vows or ceremony is also great Feng Shui because you bring your own true essence to the day.
• Consider having someone (like your FS Guide) to review your vows to make sure it’s at the highest vibration possible.
• Do a space clearing of ceremony and reception space beforehand if possible.
• Recommend a meditation tape for the bride & groom to use the week and day of the wedding for relaxation and to reduce any unnecessary stress.
• If choosing between 2 locations for your event, run the classical #’s to find out which is the better of the two.

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