Feng Shui for Valentines


Considering we spend more than 80-percent of our time indoors, it’s vital that our home is supportive and nurturing – that it serves as a haven for self-love and support. When you enter, it’s almost as if your abode is hugging and embracing you. This starts with you being kind to yourself, as your home is merely an outward expression of what’s happening inside.
As a Feng Shui teacher, people often ask me the best first step. Most importantly, I suggest that your home is clutter free. That means letting go of anything that no longer serves or honors you. For instance, clothing you haven’t worn in a year, appliances that are broken, objects you don’t need, use or LOVE. Oh and if someone gave you something that you don’t love, re-gift it or at least pass it on to someone who can truly use it. Find a charity you believe in and exercise a random act of kindness. You will probably receive even more in return.
With Valentines just around corner I thought it may be fun to go over some important tips for Feng Shui to attract love or enhance your present loving relationships
Remove clutter Eliminate the old to bring in the new.
When you get rid of clutter, you are making room for romance. If you are single, create an empty space in your closet for a future lover’s things. If attached, make room in your drawers and closets so there is equal space for both you and your partner’s possessions.

If you have pictures of old boyfriends and girlfriends hanging around, then they’re still there! Get rid of the pictures and mementos. Make sure that you have new sheets, too, to sleep on. Old energy can linger in the bed as well.

No TV or Exercise Equipment! Keep the TV out of the bedroom. Any electronic equipment should be placed in the office or other area of the home. A TV in the bedroom is not conducive to romance. The bedroom is for lovin’ not work. A treadmill or workout machine in the bedroom makes your relationship exhausting.

It’s not advised to work out in the bedroom because this represents hard work that is often a hindrance of romantic space.

Always have things in pairs Replace mismatched night tables with a set to encourage equality in your relationship. Have a pair of lights show you want to share your life and home with your loved one.

Decorate your room in the right color Shades of pink helps draw love to you easily and create a romantic mood. Red, used sparingly, can be a sexy, bold color that creates passion or help draw a new lover.

Check the statues and art in your bedroom Replace any photos, sculptures or art of single people or figures. Replace them with happy couples. This simple change will help draw a wonderful partner! You should discard or put away photos and momentous of old flames. Gifts and anything with the ex’s energy on it, keeps new love at bay.

If there are any abstract, dark or sad artworks in the bedroom, take it out. These things encourage negativity when this room should be peaceful and safe for those who sleep there. You can replace it with a painting of Peonies, love birds or silk flowers as these represents love
Should the bedroom doors squeak, fix it because it blocks romantic energy from entering the bedroom.
The bedroom should be well ventilated so old energy moves out of the room.
Bed placement having your bed up against a wall, pushes away your chance for love. You should have your bed positioned so there is enough space to walk on either side. Not in line with the door but being able to see the door as you sleep.

The size of your bed matters!
If you are single a single mattress is not a good idea or snoozing on a king size or single mattress doesn’t encourage romance. There’s too much space. Sleeping on a huge mattress won’t encourage intimacy. Invest in a full size or a queen. What’s under your bed affects your sleep.
Satin sheets think of sensual, soft, bedding when selecting pillows, sheets and comforters. Any type of bedding that creates a cozy environment is great for the bedroom

Rose quartz or green quartz Buy chunks of rose quartz, rose quartz hearts, rose quartz lamps and place them in your bedroom. This stone is known to draw love into your life, increase self love and help heal a broken heart.

Personal photos don’t display family and kid photos in the bedroom. This is said to hinder your sex life. Put them in the living or family room where they belong!

Set the mood – the mood in the bedroom is important too Light scented candles, drape your lamps in sheer fabrics or lace. Keep lighting soft. Play romantic music.. Place “happy” photos of you and your honey on the dresser.
Use a magic box. This is said to draw a spouse to you. Write your deepest desires for a loved one on a piece of paper. Place this box in the SW corner of the house, in a cupboard or out of sight.
Mirrors in the bedroom… If they are facing the bed, relocate them because it reflects the couple on the bed. Some believe that this will cause a failure in the relationship because of the entry of a third party. Believe it or not, televisions are just as negative as mirrors do get rid of it.
Treat yourselves to fresh flowers and once they wilt, replace it. Remove dried flowers or cactus

The South West area of your home and any room is associated with love, make sure and spruce that area up with something that represents love

If the South West area corner of your home is missing make sure and add plants or stones to square off the corners.

Write a letter to your soul mate, making sure it is all written in present tense
To activate the South West area of your space try these ideas:
Desk: Place a beautiful stone (such as rose quartz) or a beautiful vase in the SW corner of your desk. Add red items in this location, crystal objects (a crystal pendulum clock would be wonderful here!), or red crystal paperweight is also a perfect addition.
Home/Living Room: Make sure the SW sectors of your home and living room have love objects appropriate to the SW corner.
Yard: Place a statue of a couple in this location, or plant some red or pink flowers here.
Fake it until you make it.
Make your bedroom appear as if a couple lived in it. So be sure to decorate it in a gender-neutral manner (no fussy flowers and pastels or severely masculine rooms). Make sure there are pairs of lamps (one on either side of the bed), and pairs of objects in the bedroom.

Daily affirmations
I attract loving, beautiful people into my life.
I always deserve love.
I am attracting loving relationships into my life.
I project love to everyone I meet.
I love and approve of myself.
I express love freely
As I give love, I am instantly supplied with more.
I radiate love to all persons and places and things.
People are just waiting to love me, and I allow them.
Love radiates from me at all times.
I love myself completely.
Love comes to me easily and effortlessly.

Amanda Collins
International Feng Shui School


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