Grateful for these beautiful words from one of my students



Dearest Amanda,

A moment in time to thank you deeply from my heart for the wonderful gift you have shared with us at the most amazing training, you shared your being, your sage knowledge, your wise soul and gave us so much of your love, it was truly fulfilling.

I really had no idea taking the course that my life would begin again, not without some uncomfortable steps but all managed by you in a deep cocoon of love, everyone felt safe.

I now understand what happened, and what birthed from all we experienced and for me it was ‘empowerment’…..and with some tweaks along away I do now realise all I have is ‘within’ and together with an amazing toolkit courtesy of the great masters, I feel gifted and amazed!

I had seen changes in my daughter after she took the course and her knowledge seemed boundless, she urged me to join (she must have known) and I thought gosh, I think this is something very special. I imagine everyone receives something a little different that is in perfect harmony with their needs.

In closing, thank you to your family for all the peace and nourishment they afford you and please let me know when we can once again hear your beautiful singing voice, I have an iTunes account at the ready.

Grace, love and blessing to you Amanda and all your family.

JeanneMarie Hamer


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