How Do I Take the Right Feng Shui Compass Reading?


How to Use the Luopan Compass

Luo means “a net that encompasses everything” and Pan means “utensil or plate.” This refers to the union between Heaven and Earth and specifically to the electro-magnetic field that holds all matter together. The Luopan has been developed for the past 2,000 years and every traditional Feng Shui master of note has added to it throughout this time.
Explaining the Parts of the Luopan

1. The Magnetic Arrow: The arrow points south

2. The Feather Dots: These are the two dots at the center of the dial; you can adjust them to align with the “T” end of the arrow.

3. The Number Representation: Although, not visible in the diagram to the left, many compasses have a ring with a dot pattern that represents the trigram’s numeric representation, e.g., South has 9 dots.

4. Cross Hair Alignments: The Red Cross hairs (in the photo above) designate the facing and sitting directions depending on which direction you face while holding the compass.
5. The Eight Trigrams: Various rings in the compass show the element, symbol and direction.

6. Western Alphabet Designations (A-X): These are used to specify the sitting and facing directions, within 15 degrees, in order to determine the gender of the sitting and facing numbers.

7. Compass Degrees: The outer most dial (very thin outside ring in the figure to the left) represents the Western compass degrees.

 How to Obtain an Accurate Compass Reading

1. Establish the sitting and facing directions of the building.

2. Remove all jewelry and any metal (i.e., belt buckles, etc.) that could affect the magnetic reading.

3. Stand outside facing the building at least 10 feet back from it; away from electrical power sources and cars or any other large metal objects.

4. Standing straight, with your body parallel to the building’s exterior wall, hold your compass at waist level.

5. Align the feather dots in the center of the compass with the feather of the arrow.

6. The vertical cross hairs (red strings) indicate the facing and sitting directions of the building and will have a corresponding western alphabet designation (A-X). Since you’ve already established the sitting and facing side of the building imagine your compass IS THE BUILDING so no matter which side of the building you are standing at to take the reading the vertical cross hairs will correspond to alphabetic direction that the building sits and faces.
7. Take several compass readings from different parts of the property until you are sure of an accurate one.

Take care of your luopan—it’s your best friend. Keep it out of extreme temperatures; do not leave it in a car. Keep it away from electrical sources. Store it in a horizontal position. Although it has not been scientifically proven, it has been noted that a woman’s menstrual cycle may affect a compass reading. Therefore, you may want to take a few extra readings to confirm that you are getting a consisting reading.


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