If you need a hug just ask for one……


 There is power in being vulnerable and just asking for a hug when you need one.
 Our household all have yucky colds right now, just the nature of the season and us being invited to slow down and go inwards.
My daughter Neave, now 19 months, would say to me – whenever I wasn’t holding her during the day –  ”mummy I need a hug”.  She would say “huuuggg” and immediately I would scoop her up in my arms and give her a big a squeeze. Yesterday I looked her in the eyes and I said to her, “may you always be able to ask for a hug when you need one”. May you always be able to be vulnerable when you need to share.
So many of us nowadays just think “I can do this myself. I can look after myself.I don’t need this”. You look at it as being weak, asking for a hug or help. It is actually quite the opposite. Connections, love, hugs, are what sustain us.  It is the common thread that connects us all.
While people think love and affection is only an emotional need, on a scientific level, feelings of love, comfort and bonding release a chemical called oxytocin,which gives you the feeling of joy and connection. For women it is the chemical used for support during breastfeeding. If we didn’t feel the connection to each other, a beloved, then our sense of survival is weakened.
So in short, when you need a hug ask for a hug. When you see someone that looks like they need a hug offer it up. Hugging is good for your heart, spirit and soul.



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