International Feng Shui School in San Diego Testimonials from June 2012 training


The Feng Shui course was absolutely amazing, and completely went beyond my highest expectations.  Amanda’s dept of knowledge and willingness to share so selflessly truly makes this course a powerful academic and spiritual experience.  Her love and passion for Feng Shui are evident, and she teaches the complicated subject in a way that makes you want to know more!  Thank you so much for this beautiful powerful experience.

Marissa Dragoo, Attorney


I want to thank Amanda for providing this opportunity to myself and my classmates.  It was a truly amazing experience and it will resonate in my heart for always.  I learned so much from all of my classmates and also learned so much about myself.  Feng Shui is not just for your work, its for your life. Amanda and this work creates fulfilling lives for people with hopeful tomorrows and better today’s.  It was a lovely experience.  I wish everyone could enjoy.  I will definitely recommend this course to everyone I know.

Ally- Jo Frush, event planner


I so thoroughly enjoyed your course.  It has been a life changing experience.  Your love energy and enthusiasm for your art it is inspiring and a true blessing to me.  You are a very gifted teacher.  The loving atmosphere you create through your style and grace is truly healing and provides the perfect backdrop for learning.  I just want to say thank you for such an incredible experience.  Look forward to keeping in touch and share my growth in everything and just learned.

Linda Nolasco, School teacher


Having taken this course has truly been a blessing, and I am so thankful to have come across this incredible journey with such an amazing group.  Everyone’s openness was an inspiration to me.  After so many years of reading and applying this incredible sacred knowledge, this class has truly given me the vision of helping others bring balance and harmony into their space and lives.



Mireya Soto, Feng Shui and Realtor


Amanda this training has changed my life.  Through your guidance, experience and genuine support I have raised my vibrations and consciousness.  My perception and awareness of my environment has increased and I feel more aligned and empowered than ever before.

Even though Feng Shui is an ancient science I feel blessed by the experience of the magic of it.  Life has a distinct effervesance and sparkle.  I feel joy with the anticipation of what is to come.

James Knight, James Knight Feng Shui Photography.



Feng Shui is the perfect complement to my Acupuncture practice.  Amanda’s loving and very organized style of teaching makes this an amazing journey.  I wish all courses begun with morning meditation andOmchants.  I will forever cherish this experience!

Andreia Saboya, Acupunturist



Since I’ve taken Amanda’s Feng Shui class my life has opened up to so much opportunity, abundance and over harmony in my life.  Taking this course is not just learning about Feng Shui but learning about your self.  Sharing your light and love with everyone.  Its helped me see all that beauty life as to offer and honoring everyone’s beauty and gifts.

Justine Ramos, Feng Shui Consultant


Whether you simply have a desire to learn Feng Shui for your personal interest or your passion is to become a Feng Shui consultant, this class is” LIFE CHANGING” I can’t imagine a better way to invest in yourself than to have The honor of studying under Amanda Collins expertise.

Dana Wilkerson, owner and founder of Spa Velia


This training was a gift and a blessing at this moment of my life.

I am so, so thankful to have had the chance to be here.  Thinking about it yesterday, I remembered that it has been only 21 days since I got back to theUS.

An experience that I was dreading has just become one of the most powerful and beautiful experiences of my life. It feels that this has been all planned to receive me in this country and care of my soul.

Thank you!  Forever thank you!  Love you!

Marcia Formigari, Hewlett-Packard



Thank you Amanda! For creating such a loving space, allowing for growth and transformation.  I truly appreciate your genuine ever so loving spirit that brings me back to truth.  You’re a breath of fresh air and I feel so blessed to have met you, shared space and to move forward on my journey with you in this life time.


I was a bit disillusioned going into Feng Shui.  I thought it was simply moving and shifting a few items in ones home to bring balance.  I was wrong!  Feng Shui is so much more and Amanda embodies the essence of what Feng Shui truly is.  Feng Shui has been on all levels transforming and life changing.  It has brought harmony and balance to all areas of my life allowing me to move forward in my journey and embrace with complete self acceptance and love.

Monique Fierro,  Landscape designer


Feng Shui training with Amanda is one of the most positive steps I’ve taken for myself in this lifetime…I absolutely loved it! In addition to Ancient Feng Shui principles – which are covered thoroughly & in easy to understand formats – she offers a nice yoga and meditation component as part of the program that really assists in opening up and receiving this beneficial knowledge on a deeper level.  I look forward to moving forward with Feng Shui professionally and embracing the joy and transformation that I can assist people with to benefit their lives in great ways.  Thank you Amanda for shining your light so bright in this world and encouraging us all to do the same…Om Shanti ~ Nicole Pisciotto San Diego, CA



Hello Sweet Amanda!

Just wanted to send a quick note to say hello and to THANK YOU for offering such a beautiful place of learning and healing.  It’s so fascinating to observe and to participate in your classes.  Just like the very first meet up I went to, back in February, I see why people (myself included!) are so drawn to you.  You really are so full of light and love and joy, and you make it so easy for people to just have permission to release and allow them selves to be re-centered.  It really is so beautiful.  I really appreciate the interdisciplinary nature of it, and soooo much more.

Love and blessings

Marissa Dragoo, Attorney


Feng Shui Certification with Amanda Collins is MIND BLOWINGLY MAGICAL and my new TRIBE of LIKE-MINDED SOULS have already touched me so profoundly! I am so excited to share this ancient wisdom with others! Energized.

Dana Wilkerson


Dana Wilkerson Graduation Day – watch out world here I come a Feng Shui’ing! Amanda Collins is one of the most amazing lights of this world and a life changing instructor!

Dana Wilkerson

You are an awesome facilitator and my heart brims with pride and admiration for the way you carry the Light and deliver the information. Thank you so much for sharing so much of yourself. You are such an inspiration! Xoxox

James knight





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