Letting go, Purification, The dolphin Totem and living your Passion and Dream


Got up early this gorgeous grey morning and leapt out of bed grabbed my bikini and headed to the beach, the sun was raising as I drove there, such a magical morning. Got to the beach shoeless and just ran it felt so good so refreshing, I love going to the beach at this hour you get to see all the wild life there were seals, baby seagulls, pelicans and the best is to come…

After my run I decided to dive into the water and all of a sudden the dolphins came to play!
This is the Dolphin totem
The Power of Breath and Sound
A Dolphin totem can show you how to enter
the waters of life and then with breath and sound
call forth what you most need or desire.
Sounds are a part of dolphin life, and therefore, if you have this totem,
they need to be a part of yours. Sound is the creative life force.
Learn to create inner sounds so that you can create outer manifestations.
The dolphin, along with the whale, are the other sentient beings of our planet.
They too are self-aware and have souls.
Accordingly to the Michael Teachings, they are on their fourth cycle,
while most of mankind is on its eleventh or twelfth cycle.
If a Dolphin totem has shown up in your life,
ask yourself what your words and thoughts are creating.
Are you getting outside and into the fresh air? Are you holding in tensions?
A Dolphin reminds us to get out, play and most of all, breath!
I got the meaning of the Dolphin totems from linsdomain

This is so perfectly suiting for me for the very fact that I want to start the singing career that I have always wanted but didn’t think I was good enough or that I deserve it! So I have decided to change these pattern and beliefs and do it anyway
Seeing the dolphins was so perfect because singing is all about the voice and breath and the freedom that you allow in your body, mind and spirit.
As I jumped into the ocean I decided that I am releasing anything that is no longer serving me, any old past hurts, any unhealthy patterns and I let the ocean just washed them away cleansing and purifying me.
So here is to cleansing and following your dream
All love
Dolphin Medicine


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