Mystical Journey Around Ireland


Mystical Journey around Ireland

Amanda will lead you in this magical journey as we start in Dublin and travel throughout Ireland. From ancient temples of stone to fairy-haunted glens, healing springs to medieval abbeys, druidic groves and stone circles, standing stones, ring forts, wedge tombs, portal tombs, holy wells and beaches. This is a journey to open you to the soul of an ancient and inimitable country, and perhaps also awaken long-forgotten ancestral memories of your own. Experience the powerful energies at stone circles, holy wells, & passage tombs as we travel to these magical places in Ireland’s wildly beautiful countryside! If you notice while reading these words, looking at these pictures that your heart starts to beat faster that you feel a calling this journey is for YOU!! There will be no coincidence on the group that ends up taking this journey together. This is a Pilgrimage is the inner calling. It is often the answer to that inner longing which ever draws you forth upon your journey. It is a spiritual, fun and educational journey, sometimes moving in silence and sometimes dancing and singing in Irish song. Explore Celtic & Pre-Celtic Mythology & History in the land where it comes alive connect with the Goddesses and fairies on the land. Ireland is a magical, mystical land, redolent with the spirit of ancient sites, the sacred landscape, and traces of the many Goddesses from Irish myth and legend. We shall explore some well-known and many lesser-known places associated with Goddesses and Saints.
We will blend old and new Ireland together for a balanced vacation, having some fun in the pubs with live music and dance, capturing life-long memories. Re-awaken, as you explore during the day and are delighted with evenings of entertainment shared with old and new friends. There will be time to enjoy walks over the rolling hills and sandy beaches, stroll around bustling harbors and down lanes edged with ferns, listen to traditional music of the harp, fiddle and pipes, and attune to the Spirit of Place of some of Ireland’s most unforgettable landscapes.
The sacred land of Ireland calls to us to connect to our ancestors, our spiritual selves, to the oceans that spiral within us. She beckons me back again and again, is a part of my blood and my body, my heart and my soul. I am honored to share with you what She has shared with me. Explore history, mystery, Celtic Teachings, ancient sites and more as we journey through this incredible land; meet wonderful people; learn history as it comes alive everywhere we travel; visit magnificent ancient 5,000 year old or older sites of mystery – cathedrals of Neolithic times; and feast your eyes and senses on the lush country of Ireland – land of loughs (lakes), mountains, cliffs, & Irish music, connect with our power animals, the fairies, angels, earth, goddesses of the land, druids, divine feminine. We have time to meditate in this powerful place to connect with the ancient and other-worldly energies. Participate in meditations, ceremony, rituals to connect with the powerful energies.

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